Page Notes: Make a Gift

Make a Gift:

Contact Us (photos, title, and contact info for IA staff in box)

  • Type of gift: DONATE NOW Button
    • Outright Cash Gifts (Operating $)
      • Check
      • Credit Card
      • Cash
      • Gift of Stock
      • DAF
    • Planned Gifts(Deferred $-Endowment)
      • Annuities
      • Life Insurance
      • Will Commitment/Bequest
      • Donor Advised Fund (2018 tax advantages)
  • Gift in Kind- Donation "Stuff"
    • Build out a list of what we accept/don't accept
      • Who are resources that we could direct people to when we don't accept certain donations. (furniture, etc.)- Link
  • Time- Volunteer
  • Host an Event (Friendraiser opportunity)
  • Sponsorships (also a part of "Support a Program"
  • Individual fundraiser-Facebook/social media